April 12, 2023 Gary Bilbao Photography

"I as a photographer highly recommend digital imaging and promotions. The quality of their work and their customer service is outstanding."
March 28, 2023 Queen Vacuum

"The folks at P.G. are the nicest people, who really care about their customers! There’s a reason they have been in business sooooo long… they’re simply the best! Our shop has worked with P.G. a number of times over the years... As an example - even for a small, simple order like imprinted pens - Bob went above and beyond to help us select the perfect model (that wrote really well) and get them ready in time for an upcoming event! The pens were so affordable and nice that we were actually PROUD (and not stingy about) giving them out! Customers were actually delighted to receive one - always complimenting how they looked and how well they wrote - often asking for a second! Imprinted items have such a lasting impact, it does your business no good to waste time and money on stuff that’s ugly, cheap-looking, or poorly functioning. And it’s the guidance and attention to detail you get from REAL people that makes the difference... Someone to guide you, avoid mistakes, and attain the best look and value possible. Let Bob HELP you – you won’t be sorry!! PS – We even referred them to business-neighbors of ours... P.G. “outfitted” their entire shop from shirts to pens – and they look absolutely fantastic!!"
November 22, 2022 Jillian Pfleger

"Bob was wonderful to work with and provided top notch quality for our all staff T-shirts with customized logos. Would highly recommend for his promptness, thoroughness, and follow through from start to finish."
October 19, 2022 Alyse Jensen

September 23, 2022 Allison “Ali” Nugent

"Ships fast and is easy to work with"
P. G. Digital Imaging & Promotionals